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>>A Health Care, Privacy, & Employment Law Firm - Focus Law Firm has been serving Arizona and Tennessee since 2016. Our firm concentrates on Health Care (notably Senior Living Institutions), Privacy (United States and EU), and Employment Law matters (from Hiring to Firing). Please look through our site for further information, or please contact us.

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'These findings boggle my mind': Audit rips apart Florida program created to aid brain-damaged kids
Posted on Monday October 25, 2021

An audit found families got little support from NICA, a program set up to help care for brain-damaged kids. A Miami Herald/ProPublica investigation previously showed that NICA amassed a fortune while arbitrarily denying children care.

White House details plans to vaccinate 28M children age 5-11
Posted on Wednesday October 20, 2021

Within hours of formal approval, expected in November, millions of doses will begin going out to providers across the country, along with the smaller needles needed for injecting young children.

Provider Relief Fund reporting will continue after the public health emergency
Posted on Tuesday October 19, 2021

As the COVID-19 public health emergency's expiration date looms, Health Resources and Services Administration is taking steps to keep collecting information from providers on relief fund spending.

Insurers want CMS to toss rule on "breakthrough" technology coverage
Posted on Monday October 18, 2021

Insurers are backing the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plan to repeal a Trump-era rule allowing Medicare to cover "breakthrough" medical devices. Devicemakers want a new rule in place by June.

San Francisco hasn't approved any vaccine waiver for workers
Posted on Thursday October 14, 2021

About 800 San Francisco city workers have asked for medical or religions exemptions to avoid a looming deadline for them to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, but so far the city has not approved a single request, a human resources official said Wednesday.